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Kelly Mengarelli is an American artist and illustrator who illustrated "Above the Clouds: What Really Happens in Heaven During a Thunderstorm", among other titles waiting to be released. Ever since childhood, she has had a passion for art, creativity, and imagination.  

Kelly graduated from Northern Arizona University, earning a Bachelor of Science Degree in Entrepreneurship, and turned her dreams of becoming a full time artist into a reality.  

 As a self taught artist with no formal training, Kelly has the natural ability to make imagination come to life in the most whimsical way.  She loves to add hidden details into every page so that story time becomes a more magical and interactive experience. Kelly’s inspiration comes from color, beauty, fashion, and design.  Her nickname, “The Artsy Blonde”, most well suits her for her creative and fun personality.  Kelly lives in Arizona with her husband, where they both enjoy the outdoors, desert landscape, and spending time with family.

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