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A sparkling, rainbow-filled story about true beauty coming from within.

Princess Pippa’s favorite color is glitter shimmer rainbow—the color of her sparkling crown! It’s clearly the most beautiful, so why don’t her beloved and glamorous older sisters agree? The sassy Pippa decides to show them she’s right, but with her sisters’ help she learns what makes her beautiful isn’t what shines on the outside. Then Pippa hatches a new, even brighter plan…

Based on real conversations between Heidi, Kate, and Elizabeth Blair during Elizabeth’s journey through childhood cancer, this story celebrates supporting others and spreading beauty through kindness. 

Hardback 8" x 10" book with book jacket $17.99

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Dreamy Detail in Every Page

Kelly Mengarelli brings to life the magic of childhood for little girls.  From glitter to ruffles to bows and to play makeup, Kelly encapsulates childlike whimsy and imagination on every page.

Throughout the story, you and your child will be in awe every time you turn the page.  Kelly incorporated vibrant color and immaculate scenes so that each scene can become a conversation between reader and child.

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These gorgeous hardback books are $17.99

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The story behind the story

In 2011, just a month after Elizabeth’s 5th birthday, she was was diagnosed with Stage IV Non-Hodgkins Lymphoblastic Lymphoma.


Her family and community banded together to help Elizabeth with all their strength, and Elizabeth is now cancer free! The Blair family have remained passionate advocates for curing childhood cancer and supporting patients ever since.

Sometimes that means promoting awareness from on stage, like Kate in her work as Miss Maricopa County’s Outstanding Teen to share a heart of gold and raise a voice for childhood cancer and Elizabeth as the ambassador for Hyundai Hope on Wheels.


Sometimes it means the whole family does craft projects at the children’s hospital for the kids! Princess Pippa & the Crown of Kindness is full of references to details of the girls’ passions, but there is one story in particular that prompted this book…

“Do You Know What Makes You Beautiful?”

Once upon a time, while Elizabeth was going through chemotherapy, Heidi asked her this question. The answer, Elizabeth was shocked to learn, is not lipstick! You can read more of the background behind this conversation here.

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