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$30 or SALE "buy 4 for $100" | Drippy, dreamy, glittery & OH SO FUN!

Art Candy is just as sweet and pretty as it's name.  A perfect way to make regular photos cool, fun & exciting.  The possibilities are endless when it comes to drips, glitter, neon, patterns, stars, smileys, and wings. Custom illustration on top of your photos- perfect for gifts, blogs, instagram posts, and more!

Your art will emailed to you in a high quality digital file, whereupon you have the freedom to print in any quality and in any form you choose.

Please email Kelly to begin your order.

Next Steps:

1. Email Kelly to order- you will be asked a few simple questions in regards to your custom art. 

*note- this is where you will have a change to let Kelly know your vision and special requests regarding specific detail.

2. Kelly will give you two payment options- PayPal and Venmo.

3. You will be instructed to send Kelly reference photos (sometimes multiple if needed) to

4. Kelly will confirm your payment and your reference photos and give you an estimated timeline as to where you will expect to receive your custom art.

5. Once your art is completed, Kelly will email you the high quality digital file.  You then have the right to print your custom art for your own personal use (selling this art is strictly prohibited).

6. If you ordered a physical copy (photo print, canvas, etc.) your order will be mailed to you at this time.

Please Note- Kelly schedules custom art in the order it comes in each month.  Limited commission spaces are available.  Each piece of art is hand drawn and requires time and attention.  Therefore, Kelly has a turnaround time from 10-40 days to complete your order.  RUSH ORDERS may be subject to a $75 rush fee.  HOLIDAY turnaround time is subject to change starting in October - December.

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